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committee 2012-2013

Brad Ratzlaff conducting

The Chorus Policy under which we operate calls for the following positions:

Executive Secretary (ES) - Jonathon Moir -
This is the chief executive officer of the Chorus Committee. The primary function of the Executive Secretary is to ensure that the Chorus fulfills its mission through the coherent cooperation of the Committee, the Conductor, the Programme Advisor, and the House. The Executive Secretary must have either served previously as a voting member of the Committee for at least one year, or served as Secretary or Coordinator of another Hart House musical club or committee for one year. The Executive Secretary must be a current University of Toronto student.

Vice Executive Secretary (VES) - Cindy Qiu -
The Vice Executive Secretary assists with any duties delegated by the Executive Secretary.

Librarian (L) - Christine Farquharson -
The Librarian manages the Chorus' music, and archival compact discs and tape recordings.

Assistant Librarian (AL) - TBD
The Assistant Librarian assists with any duties delegated by the Librarian (i.e., distribution, collection, filing, and repair of music).

Treasurer (T) - (interim) Jonathon Moir -

The Treasurer is the Committee's representative to the House Accounting Office. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of the Chorus budget and communicating this information to relevant Committee members. The Treasurer is NOT responsible for ensuring that each Committee member uses proper procedure for spending, and keeps within his/her budget.

Membership Manager (MM) - Tonny Huang -
The Membership Manager keeps accurate records of Chorus Membership and attendance over the academic year. While the Membership Manager is encouraged to strictly enforce the Attendance Policy, he/she is also encouraged to maintain a positive focus on choristers membership.

Concert Manager (CM) - Elizabeth Laushway -
The Concert Manager oversees all aspects of yearly Fall and Spring Concerts (e.g. concert recordings, programme construction and distribution). Design skills are recommended, as the Concert Manager is responsible for designing and producing programmes.

Assistant Concert Manager (ACM) - TBD
The Assistant Concert Manager assists the Concert Manager in any of his or her duties.

Special Performances Manager (SPM) - Rachel Levy-Johnson -
The Special Performances Manager solicits and organizes extra choral singing events which typically generate revenue for special Chorus events (e.g., tours).

Assistant Special Performances Manager (ASPM) - TBD
The Assistant Special Performances Manager assists the Special Performance Manager in any of his or her duties, as delegated by the Special Performances Manager (i.e., coordinating Choristers, transportation, etc.).

IVCF Coordinator (IC) - TBD

The IVCF coordinator organizes the choir's participation in the annual Inter-Varsity Choral Festival (IVCF), in which university choirs from Ontario and Quebec meet to perform at a combined concert.

Publicity Manager (PM) - Natalie Yiu -

The Publicity Manager promotes important Chorus events, such as concerts and auditions.

Social Convener (SC) - Cindy Qiu -
The Social Convener tries to promote a positive, social atmosphere among members of the Chorus by organizing creative and fun social events.

Tours and Exchanges Manager (TEM) - TBD
The Tours and Exchanges Manager organizes all Chorus trips (excluding I.V.C.F.), and all visits by other choirs hosted by the Chorus. Depending on the scope of the Chorus Tour, a Tours and Exchanges Manager may expect to spend more than a single term in office.

Minutes Keeper (MK) - Tonny Huang -
The Minutes Keeper is responsible for keeping record of everything that is decided and discussed during Committee meetings.

Webmaster (W) - Jeremy Zung -
The webmaster maintains the Chorus website and listserv.

Committee Meeting Times